Auto Service Marketing Success Is Measured Only By Higher Income

Auto Service Marketing Success Is Measured Only By Higher Income

Auto service marketing that targets high income customers by selecting their cars.

There is no secret to increasing your income. Fine car high income customers say yes. Low income customers say no. All you need do is increase your high income customers by targeting the fine cars they drive.

Auto Service Marketing discussions usually go like this… CAR COUNT, CAR COUNT, INCREASED CAR COUNT IS ALL YOU EVER HEAR WHEN TALKING ABOUT AUTO SERVICE MARKETING. But what good is car count if 50% to 70% of the car count driving onto your lot is low income customers? An RO average of $58 for the cheap oil change and a new air filter is not what I call success.

If your auto service marketing is not taking down an RO average of at least $400 to $600, you are not getting ahead!!! You are living and working in Low Income Customer Purgatory!

The only way to reach your RO average and income goals with your auto service marketing is to attract large numbers of fine car high income customers.

So you think you have tried it all. Every auto service marketing direct mail marketing program you have tried just didn’t give you the increased income you were looking for.

Why? Because you have been doing CAR COUNT MARKETING which simply attracts large numbers of unspecified cars. Cars you might not even want to work on. Many of those cars, that are guaranteed to have a low income owner, looking only for the lowest price.

You Cannot Find Serious Income Increases Using Car Count Marketing. You can have your bays full, and mechanics busy, but the dollars still don’t seem to come in the way you want and need them too.

How Do I Fix That Problem? By using Car Make Marketing – Instead of Car Count Marketing ! Your auto service marketing works best when you target the high income customer by car make and year.

You Know What I Mean!
1) The cars you like to work on the most.
2) The cars you know the very best.
3) The cars you can fix the fastest.
4) The cars you have the least come-backs on.
5) The cars you make the most money on.
6) The cars that have the reputation of having high income owners.
7) The cars that your auto service marketing should be bringing in.
Even if you are a general repair shop, you can select the cars or trucks you love to work on and start pulling large numbers of these cars into your shop.

If you are a specialist, like European Car Specialist, and you are not doing your auto service marketing by car make and year – it is a miracle you are still in business.

Pushing a general repair shop by income level today, will give you the lowest return of any form of auto service marketing direct mail. With the exception of the group you don’t want. The low income customer. The low income customer loves to see the “Every Door Direct Mail” postcards. Thin, flimsy cards, with marginal design, but covered with low price coupons. 

When you send out large numbers of auto service marketing postcards, slathered with low priced coupons, you will almost always reap a majority of low RO average – low income customers.

When you do Car Make Marketing, with your auto service marketing, everything changes. You are now selecting your customer’s income level based on the car they are driving.

For General Service Shops – No More Auto Service Marketing Income Mailings For Me! They Just Aren’t Working Like They Need To Be.

Why? With 50% of our nation now on welfare, food stamps and unemployment – AND – the housing market collapsing, there are going to be some severe problems determining true income level for a mailing list. Home value is a major determining factor in deciding income level. I’d like to know how they are coming up with a true valuation now – since the house that was worth $400,000 2 years ago, may only be worth $200,000 now.

What About Median Income Levels For Carrier Route Saturation.
1) Once again, how are they determining income level? How accurate is it?

2) When you do median income levels for a carrier route, many people think this means everyone in that carrier route is making $60,000 or more per year (if you select $600,000 as your income criteria).

This however is not the case. The word MEDIAN means middle. As such, you will have half the people with $60,000 and above in income. The other half will be below $60,000. You are still sending out half of your auto service marketing direct mail to lower income customers.

3) In addition. You are still wasting countless resources at the service counter and bays with low income customers who take advantage of the cheap oil change and free car inspection, but the don’t perform any additional service.  You are doing the weeding process using your valuable assets in the shop, rather than having your auto service marketing doing it for you.

That fact right there turns your cheap auto service marketing into the most expensive direct mail marketing you could possibly do.

Auto service marketing that brings in large numbers of high income customers and weeds out the low income customers at the same time is the best you can buy and least expensive marketing you will ever find.

4) The absolute best way to assure attracting a fine car high income customer is by selecting your auto service marketing mailing list by make and year. That way, you are working on the cars you love – that have a fine car high income customer behind the wheel. We get the actual DMV list in 22 states and the Comp-A compiled list in the other 28 states. These are the best lists in the nation.

The Car Make Marketing Strategy Is The Only Way To Seriously Increase Your Income With Your Auto Service Marketing direct mail program. The Ad-Card direct mail marketing program has been doing this very thing for the past 30 years. Motor Service Marketing Is The Most Experienced and Successful Car Make Marketing specialist in the industry.

Auto Service Marketing That Can Seriously Improve Your Auto Repair Shop Income.

Auto Service Marketing that brings in fine car high income customers by car make and year. The cars you love to work on. To increase your income, not just your car count.

Motor Service Marketing Auto Service Marketing, Rated A+ By BBB.

Motor Service Marketing Auto Service Marketing Specialists for 30 years is rated A+ By BBB.


Motor Service Marketing Uses The DMV List – Direct Mail Mailing List In 22 States
And The Comp-A Compiled List In The Other 28 States.
Both Of These Auto Repair Marketing Mailing Lists Are The Best Available

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