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Advanced Auto Repair Advertising


The Single Most Powerful Income Producing Strategy In The Automotive Service Marketing Industry



Because There Is A Better Way To Bring In...

Car Count Marketing

How many cheap oil changes and free inspections (without any additional sales) can your auto repair shop afford? Especially when they come in from the very auto repair advertising direct mail you are paying well for. The customer is killing your profits.

Auto Repair Advertising

Direct mail marketing that attracts Prime customers is the only financial relief your auto repair business will ever get. There is no secret behind a high RO average. It is completely obvious. Motivated Prime Customers at your counter say yes. Needy customers say no.

Clarification: When WE talk about marketing programs THAT WORK, we mean IT BRINGS IN HIGHER PROFITS FROM BETTER CUSTOMERS - not merely more car count for busy work.

Your direct mail marketing will determine how much money you will make. The lifestyle you live. The level of education your children will get. How many vacations you will take. And - what level of retirement you will have.

So you better be very, very careful who you send an invitation to!

The Needy Customer

Auto Repair Marketing for Auto Shop Owners

They Care More About The Price You Charge Than They Care About Their Car*

The Low Income -or-"Needy" Customer comes to your shop looking for first rate service at below cut rate prices.

What kind of shop do you want to be? Do you want to do 24 oil changes per day, maybe replace some windshield wipers, fix a couple tires and sell an occasional air filter? RO average - $58.28? You might as well go buy an oil change franchise.

And yes - benevolent shop owners. There is a place and time when you may want to help someone in need. I do that too. But you can help far more people if your customer list is made up of 70% or more - Prime Customers! It will change your life. And those you help.


The Prime Customer

Auto Service Marketing for Auto Shop Owners

They Care More About Their Car Than They Care About The Price*

Wouldn’t you rather have only 5 or 10 oil changes per day, with High Income Customers handing over the keys to their Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Suburban, Acura, Explorer, Lincoln or even a $50,000 to $70,000 Escalade or 4x4. NOW YOU'RE TALKIN!

In the auto repair business, there is just no substitute for Prime Customers. If you have 20% or less Prime Customers, you are severely hurting financially. If you have 50% to 70% or more Prime Customers, you can be profitable beyond belief!

The only way to bring them in is with auto repair advertising direct mail that goes only to the right car owners, catches their attention, and pulls them into your shop!

How is The Needy Customer Attracted? By Cheap Image, Low Priced Coupon Offers. They Send No Referrals & Never Come Back At Full Price Because They Can’t Afford To.

Their Goal? To Spend As Little Money As Possible.

Attracted By The Assurance That You Know Their Car, Great Service, Personal Attention, They Do Give Referrals And Will Come Back At Full Price If They Like You.

Their Goal? To Keep Their Car Safe & Running To Perfection!

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But How Can I Do Such Auto Repair Advertising?

I’ve tried everything and nothing delivers the Prime customers like you are talking about here?


You Keep Sending Out
Direct Mail Marketing
By Median Income Level

With Half The Nation
On Welfare, Food Stamps
And Unemployment
Half The People
You Are Sending Direct Mail
To Probably Can't Afford
Your Services

An Auto Repair Advertising
Direct Mail Mailing List
By Make, Model Year
Is The Best Way To Target
The Prime Customer By Hitting Their Prime Car

That Way You Know Exactly
What You Are Getting

In The Same Way That Car Count Is The Wrong Foundation For Selecting An Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail Marketing Program

Price Per Card Mailed Is An Equally Weak Foundation And Strategy For Selecting Your Auto Repair Advertising.

Price Per Card Mailed Is Completely Meaningless

Why? Because the only goal of a perfect auto repair advertising direct mail marketing program - is to bring in large numbers of fine car high income customers.

Price per card mailed is a mere consideration of the up-front cost that has absolutely nothing to do with the end result or goal.

Truly, successful auto repair advertising direct mail is established on the strategy and foundation of "Who You Want Coming Through Your Door". In other words, "How Much Money Do We Want To Make From Our Auto Repair Advertising!"

The price per card mailed strategy considers only, "How Much Money Can I Save On My Auto Repair Advertising." That is the basis of the "Car Count" strategy. Increased numbers of cars on your lot are meaningless unless the majority of them are high income customers. Start targeting the customers who have the money and desire to keep their cars running to perfection. That is when you will begin to make real income from your auto repair advertising!

Auto Repair Advertising That Brings In High Income Customers

Are You Ready To Step Away From Antique
Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail Methods?

Do a little thinking about what could be done if you could get the best make, model, year direct mail mailing list in your area. Then send out an upscale auto repair advertising direct mail postcard that would win over the fine car owner bringing in the cars you love.

Think about what it would be like to have your favorite cars pulling regularly onto your driveway. The cars you are best at. The cars you can repair the fastest. The cars you can make the most money on. In your shop every week. Cars that you know - by their very nature - have a high income customer holding the keys.

What you are doing now is Car Count Marketing. What you need to be doing is Car Make Marketing. What’s the difference. Car Count Marketing delivers high numbers of unspecified cars, largely with low income customers. Car Make Marketing delivers the cars by make and year that you love to work on, and you know by the nature of that car, it has a high income owner. Stop playing with the shotgun approach and let’s get out the rifle to hit em right between the eyes!

Of course it costs more. But what it can do on the income side will be unlike anything else you have seen.

Free Auto Repair Marketing Area Analysis

Call Right Now For Your Free Market Analysis

We will give you a free Market Analysis for your favorite cars in your local area by make, model and year. We will show you exactly how many of those cars there are. Then we will give you costs to create the Ad-Card auto repair advertising direct mail program to capture those car owners.


What's The Worst That Can Happen?

You can tell us no. What's the best that can happen? You can have the most highly targeted auto repair advertising direct mail program in the nation increasing your profits!

By The Way - We Are The Guys Who Give You EXCLUSIVITY

If you are our auto repair advertising client, we will work with no direct competitors in that same market area. It has been that way for 31 years. There Is Only One Catch! If there is someone else already in your market, we can't work with you. Call fast before your competitor does.

From The Client Perspective

Jeff Kranitz - Boca Raton, FL
Steve Louden - Dallas, TX

"We have been using the Ad-Card program for the last six years. Based on the results tracked we have made the decision to increase our usage every year. We consistently see a 120% return on our investment. That's tracking the new client ONLY on their first visit and does not include revenue from return visits. The card is of a higher quality than most mail pieces and the incorporation of photos along with the client testimonials goes a long way toward building trust before the new client even visits our shop. I consider the Ad Card an integral part of our advertising plan."  

Motor Service Marketing

You Have Many New Tools Awaiting You To Bring In
New Fine Car High Income Customers

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